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Bodega Ribas Winery Des De 1711. Mallorca, Spain.

Bodega Ribas- established in 1711, is the oldest winery on the island of Mallorca. It is located in one of the listed stately homes from the 18th century that has been preserved intact to date, with its original historic barrel cellar and winemaking warehouse. It acquired prestige over a century ago, when it was awarded the Medal of Perfection at the National Winemaking Exhibition in 1877.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Slyvia who was incredibly sweet, to give us a tour of the winery. She gave us insight on all that it took to create the perfect bottle of white, red, and rosé wine (no bare feet involved anymore). It was the ultimate birthday event with my group of friends. They set up a stunning table for 16 with cheese, olives, and wine for a tasting that was out of this world! Slyvia even brought out a cake in the end to wish me a happy birthday. I'll never forget my 26th, it was one for the books.

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