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My trip to Bali feels like centuries ago, although it was only last January. The hot & humid air that greeted me straight off of the plane, the smiling Balinese people on the street, the morning coconuts, the happy aura that lives in Bali, are missed on a daily basis. After a few days in the city of Seminyak, we were off to Ubud- the art district of Bali filled with rice patty fields and rough jungle terrain. There's a reason why Bali is or was on almost every travel bloggers bucket list- It's like no where else in the world. It has it's own special vibe and feeling.

Bali is peaceful, serene, and simply perfect. We stayed at Tony's villa, Kampung, the Ayana, and stopped by the Bvlgari for an ultra elegant afternoon tea. Bali gave me memories of elephant crossing signs, a cheeky monkey bite on my finger, breathtaking views when I woke up in the middle of the jungle, warm welcomes, and the beach with water that was shimmery and turquoise. We made a pact that the next time we went back to Bali would be with our family because it had such a sentimental meaning to us. The most wonderful throwback of all for me is Bali, for it was the beginning of my real adventures.

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