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Connelly House- My Treasure Chest of Living. IL, USA.

I have been waiting to do a special feature on the home I grew up in with all three of my sisters, mom, dad, and little pup Louie. Home is where my story begins. More adventures have taken place here, for me, than in any other part of the world. Pillow forts with hidden "secret" pathways and blanket doors, battery operated Barbie Jeep safari's, volcano eruptions where the couch was the only cool level, Hawaiian birthday parties, and so much more. This humble abode is where I learned the meaning of love, how to ride a bike, the beauty and importance of manners, and right from wrong. The Connelly house has engraved my morals and my love of all little things.

The day my family surprised us with an engagement party may have been the most excitable day of my adult life in that house, but it does not come close to the precious past moments I will always cherish. My fondest memory was the day my mom gave us American girl dolls and sat there with her beautiful big belly, explaining to her three girls that the fourth sister was shortly on her way. The dolls were a gift from "her".

I have been blessed with an unordinary family that have always filled the Connelly house with love. Friends, cousins, friends of friends, neighbors, pets- every one is and always has been welcome. Now that I am building my forever home in London, I have come to the realization that it comes down to one simple thing, less house and more home. #ForTheLoveofAllLittleThings #NoPlaceLikeHome

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