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Yotel NYC, Rockefeller, & Times Square. New York City, USA.

*SPOILER ALERT* My new route from US to UK is NY direct to London. Not only is the flight only 5:45 min but it also gives me a chance spend a night in the city that never sleeps. Try my favorite website Skyscanner to book a cheap flight. Instead of flying from Chicago (8 hours), I experienced a lit up Times Square, rooftop lounges (especially Yotel's), NYC pizza & shopping. The futuristic Yotel on 10th Ave. is a special gem for numerous reasons. The cleanliness of the hotel compared to other 4 star hotels in NYC is top notch. While taking a shower you can even see the entire city right before your eyes, front row and center! Once I have freshened up, I always like to take a nice walk to Rockefeller Center to remind me that I am in the heart of New York. It brings back good memories of past trips I have taken there.

Last but not least... Times Square. If you have not been, words could not possibly describe it. Yes it is lit up 24/7, has characters walking around (Mario, Louigi, Peter Pan, etc.), belly dancers, painted women, hotdog & kabab vendors, and NYC lover tourist restaurants...but what makes it Times Square is the energetic vibe you can not even experience through a video! What are you waiting for? Get in on the action & book a flight to catch summer NYC.

Recommendations: Book Status of Liberty tickets in advance, try to catch a Broadway show, and do not miss out on a NYC slice of pizza.

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