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Ibiza, Spain.

This is the place. Ibiza is an island that quickly grabs hold to a special place in your heart. It stores memories of epic pool parties, wild nights, and sunsets you'll forever look back to. In Ibiza you live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, sip fresh cocktails, and dance to the best music the world has to offer. Ibiza is a precious island with mystical powers, beautiful beaches, gorgeous people, and POSITIVE vibes. The energy here is like no where I have ever been in my life. This is a quick guide on how to fall in love with Ibiza, the way you should. Trust me, it's not hard. Whether you are going for the music, the clubs, the weather, or the beaches- Ibiza has something for everyone. Below are my top five favorite things to do in Ibiza.

1. Stay at Ushuaïa Beach Hotel

Go to Ushuaïa one week before the opening parties to experience zero crowds, pure serenity, sparkling clean rooms, a stunning pool to lay out by, and VIP beach access. This is the best hotel to stay at in Ibiza next to the HardRock Hotel Ibiza. The second to last day you check out of Ushuaïa should be the night of the opening party. You can experience the biggest outdoor beach club EUROPE has to offer, right underneath your balcony.

2. Go to Passion Cafe for Breakfast

Passion has vegetarian & vegan options that will make your mouth water. Stop by Passion for a quick and healthy breakfast before heading to the beach.

3. Go to Blue Marlin Beach Club & Reserve A Day Bed

Get to Blue Marlin for a late lunch & stay till the late hours. Enjoy a cool day party while inhaling the freshest sushi and piña coladas in Ibiza and watch it turn into a wild nightclub. Blue Marlin is one of the more fashionable beach lounge clubs on the island, a social and cultural magnet for jet-setters from all over the world.

4. Go to El Chiringuito to Relax & Eat

A warm environment with excellent food, El Chiringuito will give you the most relaxing Ibiza afternoon. The waves are at your feet and the service is sweet. Nothing to lose checking this beach lounge out.

5. Es Vedrá

The most magical place of them all, Es Vedrà is one thing you absolutely cannot miss. Whether you want to drive up or hike up to see one of the most fabulous views Ibiza has to offer, you must go. They say you can make a wish as soon as you spot Es Vedrà. I made a big wish here and it came true, legend? I think not. Go to Es Vedrà and experience the powers. Es Vedrà is said to be one of the most magnetic points on earth.

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