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London Coffee Festival. Shoreditch, London.

This year 30,488 sophisticated urbanites and industry professionals came together to attend Shoreditch's highest caffeinated event, the London Coffee Festival. As we pranced through the doors ready to try any and every coffee label, we could not help but notice all of the innovate and modern stalls, live demonstrations and the overpowering coffee scent that was oh so delectable. So what should you expect from this exciting coffee lovers paradise?

1. All the tastings your heart could desire

2. Demonstrations from world-class baristas

3. Workshops

4. Live music, DJs, art exhibitions and coffee-based cocktails

5. Milk & Sugar, the fashion and lifestyle district

Long story short, we went home with freebies and gift bags while buzzing off London's most delicious coffee, chocolate, coconut crisps, popcorn, and so much more. This is an event that takes place in New York as well. Check their online calendar to see if you can make the event, it is one to surely satisfy you and your tastebuds. x


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