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Railay Beach, Thailand.

In the ultimate beach town of Railay you may stumble upon foreign travelers, vacationing families, sarongs and oversized straw hats, but one thing you will surely not find are a pair of heels. Everyone is their most laid back self sporting bikini only dress code and an occasional flip flop. The no shirt, no shoes, no problem policy is strictly enforced in Railay beach. If you left Railay for last like I did, I highly recommend doing absolutely nothing while you are there. Thats right- nothing.

On tropical excursions such as Thailand, we seem to have the urge of seeing anything and everything which is understandable because there is that slight chance that we may never come back. But we must never forget to leave space in that holiday agenda for doing absolutely nothing. Beach life is a lot different and island time is slow. Majority lead too much of a hectic life that speeds past our very eyes. It is much easier to let it all consume you rather than to take a step back.

Although I would not trade city life just yet, I know slow moments are much more precious than they seem. All we required ourselves to do in the last days of the holiday was to grab the SPF, sit on that pretty little beach and enjoy the beauty of doing just that.

Until next time Thailand...

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