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Sweet Home Chicago, USA.

I have been waiting for the right moment to post about the city that means the most to me... Chicago, oh where do I even begin?

Chicago is forever home to:

The ultimate golden skyline

Our World Series Champion Cubs

Tavern on Rush & Hugo's in the summertime

The Peninsula Hotel

Michigan Avenue

Frank Sinatra

Bulls games


The PlayPen

Sprinkles Cupcakes


The Art Institute


Classic Paris/Underground nights

Navy Pier fireworks

and so much more.

I am thankful for my beautiful friends that go above and beyond to make life happy and full, you know who you are. From Bulls games, to hair color done by Delara Hair by CM, to nights at Sienna and Sunda, to the last of the holiday parties with the family... there was nothing this trip home has lacked. There is no better time than now to highlight my holiday stay, as my journey here has finally come to an end... for a while. Closing aged doors also opens more fabulous ones, and for those we must always be thankful. The colorful door I am opening next is showing me extraordinary opportunities and love I simply cannot turn away. Stay tuned.

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