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Valencia, Spain.

After grabbing the rental keys, we hopped in our car for a road trip to Valencia, Spain. We were very eager to become explorers in this mysteriously confident and breathtaking city. The port city of Valencia is on Spain’s southeastern Orange Blossom Coast, where the Turia River meets the Mediterranean Sea. It’s known for its City of Arts and Sciences, with magical and futuristic structures including a planetarium, an oceanarium and an interactive museum. Valencia is as sophisticated and stunning as it all sounds.

The drive in was bittersweet. As we were about an hour away, I received a call that my grandmother had passed away. Through tears I could begin to make out what would become the most meaningful sunset I had ever seen. Memories and visions poured into my mind like a waterfall and I could imagine her instantly with me. I was so overwhelmed with emotions upon arriving into this magical city. As we became closer, I felt a somber and peaceful energy overcoming me. This city has been nothing short from spectacular and it's helped me deal with this significant loss with more strength than I ever would have had. The sunsets here will forever hold a meaning in my heart. Although I am miles from family, I know she would want me to be smiling. So here I am, holding my soulmate's hand finding the brighter side of it all, and Valencia has not let us down.

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