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The Surin Hotel. Phuket, Thailand.

What is it about a good sunset that makes everyone fall in love? Sunsets are not a rare commodity, they come and go every night. Maybe its because each sunset promises a new dawn or because the neon colors that light up the sky along the movement of the pillowy clouds are simply remarkable. I love watching the sun go down, and knowing that I have lived yet another day on this magical earth. I reflect on how fortunate I am to have my health, my sisters, my love, my friends, and my incredible family. Overlooking the sunset at the Surin was purely stunning. The red wooden detailing of the hotel, the green palm trees, the bright whites... so lush.

The Surin is a hotel where everything is done right. The pool is an exotic shape and a deep navy blue. The staff sports nude attire and everywhere you look is luxurious and fabulous. I was in awe walking down the stairs. There were soft cushiony beach chairs waiting for you to rest on and a smiling bartender ready to make his infamous lychee mojito. The sunsets at the Surin are praised upon and although it's never as gorgeous in pictures, I think it's because God wants us to appreciate the moment and put our phones down for a second ;] This hotel is the epitome of asian style. Classy, sharp clean lines and candles everywhere you look. Its hard not to relax in pure extravagance. Well done Surin, can't wait to meet again.

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