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Thai Markets. Phuket, Thailand.

Ahhh, Thai markets! Precious Thailand, is infamous for their energetic and crowded outdoor markets. There's something about the colorful fruits and vegetables, the Thai people trying to get you to purchase something from theirstand and the cheap cute patterned clothing that I can't get enough of. The markets are a special treasure that immerse you in Thai culture. The fresh food will entice you and force a smile when you're feeling jet-lagged and crabby. A friendly Thai might even surprise you with the gift of holding one of their tiny puppies. Walking along the road and into the market holding my loves hand made me feel like the world was at my feet. Anything you can ever dream of wanting is inside the outdoor market! Not to mention, if you get the chance, try Mango Sticky Rice. It is out of this world & my newest obsession.

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