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Seville, Spain.

Plaza de España is one of Spain's most important and largest squares, measuring at 50,000 square meters. It is an absolute must see if you are visiting Seville! It was designed in 1915 and built in 1929 so that it could be ready to host the 1929 Universal Exposition, which was to be held at the foot of Montjuic, in the Sants-Montjuic district. Its colorful and intricate detailing brings life to this monumental work of art. It takes about an hour to explore the entire ground which showcases and offers a water fountain, horse & buggy rides and panoramic views of the magnificent Plaza. You can even rent small boats to row in the canal - the Plaza is known as "the Venice of Seville". All along the wall by the canal are 48 alcoves with benches, one for each province of Spain. They are painted on glossy ceramic tiles and reveal a relevant tableau and map. I was so excited we made it to this sight as it was one we surely did not want to miss out on!

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