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Pullman Bangkok Hotel G, Thailand.

Hotel G: A sexy 5-star boutique hotel in the heart of bustling Bangkok. The lobby, filled with floor to ceiling sheer curtains, invites you into a seductive getaway from the wild and hectic streets. Roaming around you will find the "G" shop: a vintage style coffee bar with yummy pastries, a lounging area filled with plush white couches and an endless staircase that leads you to the Playground, a mixology bar. The decor is vintage meets modern, with fun art pieces ranging from spray painted bike tires, to a rocking horse, to a metal kid size convertible found at the entrance of the bar.

This specific Pullman hotel is known for their in-vogue dining experience at Scarlett Wine Bar & Restaurant and after tapas plates including seared tuna, smoked Scottish salmon, mussels, sea bass, guacamole, beetroot chips and a finale of chocolate fondant, we agreed the hype was on par. The European, French style menu was a refreshing break from all the green curry. Our stay here was nothing short from 5-star and until then, I'll dream of waking up in Hotel G.

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