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Mercat de La Boqueria, Barcelona.

La Boqueira: One of Barcelona's most magnificent markets ideally situated on the infamous La Rambla road. Home to colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheeses, fish and everything in between that your heart may desire. After gulping down delicious coconut & banana juices ranging from only 1-2 euro, we were tempted to try all of the flavors! This market caters to food lovers providing tasty dishes from empanadas, Catalan pastries, lobster tail, fresh salads and so much more. Chocolate lovers beware of the super sweet counters featuring hundreds of chocolates, covered caramels and macaroons that will overwhelm your tastebuds with joy. The owners of the stands are so friendly and many speak English, so it makes your journey through the market that much enjoyable. Highly recommended and a must see in Barcelona!

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