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London, United Kingdom.

London: A place that once was only a mere idea at the back of my mind. I hadn't the slightest clue that one day this city would change my entire life, that London would fuel my creative imagination. That I would attend one of the top fashion schools in the world, and that I would meet my other half and go on wild adventures. I am forever thankful to London for bringing out the side of me that was truly me. There is so much about London I love and adore but the thing I love most is the drive. London either takes you or you take London. There is no in between. You make it here or you don't. Through passion, hard work, time, effort, and networking you can go far. Most foreigners that move to London are here in search of some kind of opportunity. Whether it be work, school, family, etc., everyone here has a dream but the difference is, they're chasing it... At full speed. Just one day in the hustling & bustling, Oxford Circus & Regent Street intersection and you're hooked. London gives me freedom, life, and passion. Each country brings out a different side of me. I like who I am in London.

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