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Kampung Resort. Ubud, Bali.

After spending a few nights in Seminyak, we headed straight to Ubud. Ubud is a very green town in Indonesia on the uplands of Bali. It's known for its art, sculptures, paintings and rainforests. You can find miles and miles of rice paddy fields with workers wearing white triangle hats, just as you've seen in books. Ubud has ancient holy sites include the Tirta Empul temple complex, intricately carved Goa Gajah (“Elephant Cave”). We were in awe driving through Ubud, gazing out the window and absorbing our new home for the next four nights. He had made us watch Eat, Pray, Love before we came to Bali. Ubud was just like the movie, but even brighter. As the rain began to pour, we slowly pulled up to Kampung. We were in a rush to get into our room after getting soaked in the rain. As the friendly balinese boys carried our luggage in, I dropped my purse and went silent. The views from our room were like nothing I had ever seen. We were in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by palm trees and animals. My body got chills. I looked at him and smiled. Ubud, was it.

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