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Barcelona, Spain.

La belleza de Barcelona, the beauty of Barcelona- has lifted my spirits to new heights. Upon stepping off of the plane, Barcelona welcomed us with it's warm sunshine, fresh cool breeze and endless scenery. The marina glistened on the royal blue sea and barefoot travelers roamed the pier. Barcelona is a laid back beach town with fat green palm trees in every which direction. The cute little beach restaurants offer fresh kiwi Sangria with smiling Spaniards at your service. There are hidden streets off the beaten path that offer a taste of old Spain and walking through the gothic quarter will remind you why you booked your flight in the first place. The energy is high, the tapas are fresh and colorful, and the architecture is ornate and unique. Taking a quick metro ride to the Sagrada Familia and the park guell will show you what a genius the infamous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí was.Leaving Barcelona to embark on our road trip was bittersweet until the curvy roads showed us that we were on a path to even prettier sights.

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