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Bangla Road. Phuket, Thailand.

New York is infamous for being the city that never sleeps, but I've been many times. The shops close at regular hours and although it is known for its early morning nightlife, the city does sleep. Phuket on the other hand, runs 24/7. Bangla Road, for example, is a long colorful street in the heart of the raging city that offers nightclubs, strip clubs, shopping, madness, street vendors and more. Bangla Road is infamous for coming to life when the sun sets. Pubs, discos and outdoor bars grace the streets. Neon lights, loud music ranging from Eminem to Madonna blast in every which direction you seem to walk. Sitting on the side of the bar, right on the main road tonight was a sight even more interesting than the show prior. All spectrums of the world come to Bangla Road for an unforgettable night out in Phuket.

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