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AYANA Resort. Jimbaran, Bali.

AYANA, BALI. I'll try to gather some words but even words and pictures do no justice. We definitely saved the best for last. Set on the Bukit peninsula, this luxe clifftop resort is a Condé Nast Traveller award-winning world class experience. Whether you are relaxing at the private beach, having mango margaritas at the pool, enjoying views at the Rockbar or simply soothing it all in... Ayana is a paradise in itself and an absolute riot. We had so much fun while we were here, it always feels like a dream looking back. The resort is enormous, the spa is heaven and the staff is next level. Ayana's buffet breakfast gives you 10 different foreign cuisine options and freshly squeezed watermelon, banana, orange and coconut juice every morning. Ayana has by far the greatest staff I have ever experienced at a hotel. The saying no one is perfect was obviously invented by someone who has never met Ayana.

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