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LGBT Pride 2016. London, UK.

Yesterday afternoon we joined thousands in a massive parade of smiling faces, colored wigs, and outlandish costumes. The crowds were there to support & acknowledge the choice of free love. Free love, noun: The idea that people should be free to love each other with no commitment besides what they feel is right. Aside from the neon colors and glittery hats, the thing that stood out most to me most was was the lack of aggression. Everywhere you looked people were smiling, laughing, singing and rallying for equality. There seemed to be no anger in anyone around me. Everywhere I turned, kindness and pure happiness was surrounding. My legend of a friend Gary Amers headlined on the main stage of Trafalgar Square and gave us all a show to remember. It was absolutely chaotic, incredible, pouring rain, and amazing. He came on to grace the crowd in an exhilarating performance of "Somebody To Love"- by Queen. The LGBT is known for taking their parades to the next level and they surely didn't disappoint this year.

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