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The Clayton Hotel. London, UK.

Arriving at the Clayton Hotel was seamless...Early check in, room in new wing, and no hassle at all. The service here so far has been friendly and I am pleasantly surprised in the decor. It's a 4 star hotel, that's clean and contemporary, and not too modern. Over the last year, my taste has taken a bit of a turn. My eye is attracted to more of the "shabby chic" Soho Hotel style-esque vintage decor, glossy chandeliers and velvet ottomans. This morning had me intrigued with optical allusion paintings and sculptures. I love seeing less grey in interior design lately. I feel like the 50 shades of grey trend is fading far away. More whites and balmy nudes suit bigger spaces and give it a better ambience. Although the hotel is a bit further from Central London, the energy and style are worth the distance.

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