When in 



Rome is Italy's capital with nearly 3,000 years of art, architecture and culture. Rome was on my list of places to see ever since the Lizzie McGuire movie in 2003:D. Have you ever dreamed about stepping inside the Vatican and looking up into the dome? How about walking into the ancient Coloseum? Perhaps you imagined yourself throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain... Whether you going to Rome for a few weeks or a quick weekend, these are five things you simply cannot miss.

One: Go See the Colosseum

You cannot go to Rome and not buy a ticket to walk into the greatest and oldest arena in the world. Go early in the morning right after breakfast to avoid lines and buy your tickets beforehand if you can. See more of the Colosseum here.

Two: Make A Wish In Trevi Fountain

Okay, you made it to Rome and of course this is on your list. The ultimate photo opt is right in front of this beauty. Just don't forget to make a wish! Go have lunch or gelato in the afternoon for the optimum view.  See more of the Trevi Fountain here.

Three: Climb The Vatican

Another no brainer, see the holy Vatican and walk through Vatican City. Please do yourself a favor and walk that endless flight of stairs to get to the top if you can. The view will give you a piece of mind and remind you why you came. See more of the Vatican here.

Four: Go Inside The Pantheon

Recommended on almost every travel website as a must thing to do in Rome and its completely free! The Pantheon is dedicated to the seven planetary divinities and has an interior of stunning marble. The Pantheon is said by many to be one of the most impressive monuments of Augustan Rome.

Five: Walking Tours

The best way to get to know any foreign city is to get lost in it. Start from the center of the city and give yourself one day without an agenda to explore the streets. You never ever know which little cobblestone road will lead you to the best spaghetti you have ever tasted in your life. Well, unless you use Trip Advisor which I also highly recommend :)