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Searching for the perfect wedding destination? Look no further than Marrakech, Morocco. The "Red City" is home to the colorful markets, fabulous textiles, Argan oil, boho chic decor, Handira, henna, and mind blowing locations for a wedding. Whether you are looking for a luxurious palace or a unique hotel with white horses roaming around, Marrakech will awe your guests in the most beautiful way possible. 

1. Palais Namaskar 

Pulling up to the Namaskar was almost like arriving into the gates of heaven. Lush greenery and lilies surrounded a long entrance that gave off a powerful floral smell. The next right you take will lead you to a view that is the pure definition of tranquility. This palace in the desert and majestic mountains is a destination to regain relaxation in the most stylish of surroundings. In 2012, Prix Villegiature recognized Palais Namaskar an award for being"the Best Hotel in Africa." Not to mention, each suite offers your own private pool with Gatsby esq white curtains that flow with each breeze. 

2. Amanjena 

The Amanjena is a peaceful oasis outside the hustling city of Marrakech. It is the most ideal Moroccan backdrop for any ceremony,reception, or brunch. The landscaping is done nearly to perfection, with olive trees and dates growing in each direction you turn. The red walls with the pale turquoise pools enhance the decor the country is so well known for. There is a very special and peaceful vibe at the Amanjena, even when at capacity. The grounds always feel quiet. You can hear faint splashing in the pool while a soft Moroccan song plays throughout the resort. The rooms are intricately detailed with a "blue fish scale" effect along the red walls, and fresh rose petals come in each bath. 

3. Selman Marrakech

Fancy getting hitched in front of the longest pool in Morocco? Maybe that wasn't an initial thought along with the dress, the cake, the flowers, the DJ, the photographer, and so on... but you may fall in love with the grounds of Selman once you catch a glimpse of it. The Selman has a very mysterious vibe, massive chandeliers, and horses everywhere. You even have the option to host reception drinks near the stables that come with surround sound, air conditioning, and misters. Imagine how well they would take care of you, if this is how they treat their horses! They also offer the Spa at Selman to hold your special ceremony in front of their peaceful pool and dome shaped architecture. 

4. Beldi Country Club

What's your wedding theme? Rustic, Luxurious, Boho Chic? If you chose Boho chic, Beldi could be your winner. Beldi Country Club offers 14 magnificent hectares your guests can explore. There are 38 rooms total so if you have a large number, this could be ideal. Occupying the entire club by your guest list comes with the advantage of privacy and utilization of anything and everything they offer. This includes two swimming pools, a tennis court, two hammams in their spa, two restaurants, and a rose garden with a lotus pond. The charm of Beldi shines through Moroccan textiles, fringed pillows, red walls, and boho style.  

5. Royal Mansour

A wedding destination fit for a king and queen, literally. Designed and inspired by the royal highness himself, the Royal Mansour is simply too stunning for words. Their atmosphere gives off a unique feel I have never experienced before. Whether you are searching for a royal wedding venue, Instagram chasing- trying to find that all white room that has over 50k shares (The Spa Royal Mansour), or a nightcap, head to the Royal Mansour for a jaw dropping experience.