10 Not So Obvious Ways To Beat Jet Lag



  • Disturbed Sleep Patterns

  • Headaches

  • Exhaustion

  • Upset Tummy


The world is divided into 24 timezones. The clock changes for every hour travelled east or west from the Greenwich Meridian- an imaginary line passing through Greenwich, London. Jet lag is usually caused by your flights direction, not length. This disrupts your body's natural 24 hour clock or circadian rhythm. Adjust your body accordingly a few days before the flight. 

West: Stay up later. East: Hit the hay earlier. 


Wearing sunglasses helps to control your internal body clock or your circadian rhythm which responds to your eyes detecting light. Light is the most potent stimulus for circadian entrainment. Bring the shades on board! 


Other than staying hydrated which is a key factor, skip the caffeinated beverages before or on your flight. Opt for a caffeine-free natural tea. 


Avoid hassle at the airport & check in online beforehand, if you can. Any little detail that can make your journey smoother is worth attending to. Keeping calm and relaxed is the goal. 


Take advantage of that little screen and plan to watch a movie according to the arrival time of your local destination. This will help phase shift your circadian rhythm either forwards or backwards. 


It's so much easier to pop a pill and fall asleep but this will completely throw off your body's natural cycle. It actually could have a reverse affect since your body isn't naturally adjusting to sleep patterns. Try a soothing chamomile tea instead. 


Don't forget your headrest pillow or eye mask. These are both so essential in helping you try achieve the minimum level of zen on an overcrowded aircraft. 


We've all walked off flights feelings less than average thanks to those non existent humidifiers on board (unless you are flying Emirates).

Bring a disposable paper face mask  & achieve maximum vitamin benefits while you are soaring through the sky.

*Disclaimer* On a flight to Asia, I slabbed on a black coal face mask & received quite an audience :O They were either secretly jealous or making fun of it, probably both. Either way, my skin was winning! 


I have witnessed literally hundreds of people board flights dressed as if they were stepping right off of the plane onto the beach. Planes are always cold and Hawaiian shirts are usually not a good look, especially in chilly temps! Also try to ditch the flip flops unless you are traveling domestic from beach town to beach town. You never know who you are going to run into on a flight. It could be your next boss, best friend, or even husband- who knows! It's best to choose a neutral palette and reach for a pair of loafers. Classy and comfy is always best. 


Pack a large tote or backpack with all of your essentials organized for the flight so you feel prepared & ready. It adds a sense of feeling calm. Below are my must haves: 

  • Pack of Simple facial wipes

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Gum/Mints 

  • A granola bar or snack

  • Passport Holder

  • Wallet

  • Beauty Bag holding lotion, facial midst, toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush, concealer, mascara & highlighter 

  • Light perfume 

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L is for Love and Lily's

Your inner beauty never needs makeup... but it does require the daily dose of vitamins & nutrition to help you feel/look your absolute best. Taking care of your health is not only vital for your body, but your physical features too. Your nails, skin, hair and body weight all attribute to a healthy you.   

The lily flower plays a secretive part in a stable health regimen. In some parts of the world, roots of the wood lily variety of the flower are consumed as medicinal teas to treat coughs, fevers, stomach disorders as well as for open sores, wounds and bruises that may have swollen. 


One of the main health benefits of the lily flower is that it helps regulate the heart rate allowing the heart to function more efficiently. The lily flower has many therapeutic uses such as increasing oxygen to the heart. Not only does this little beauty provide a rich source of fiber and carbs, but lily bulbs have proteins and starch, small quantities of iron, calcium, phosphorous, and vitamins B1 B2 and Vitamin C. Woah. 

So next time you are due for a chilled afternoon... treat yourself to a vitamin filled- beautifully scented cup of lily tea and welcome the benefits! 

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Why Rose Water is the Holy Grail of Beauty

Why will we spend thousands a year on manicures & pedicures without batting a thick black eyelash, when the thought of spending £50 on a new toner makes us cringe? Reliability. Arriving to the right nail salon means leaving with pretty hands & feet. Facial products are a different game, a complete hit or miss. Spend the money, it may or may not work. Take your pick, Giorgio Armani Prima for £65 or Aesop Parsley Seed for £43? Organic or who cares?

It's like gambling every time.

Recently, I have fallen in love with a new beauty routine "add on" providing a list of benefits I had always hoped I would see. Rose Water provides your skin a soft and supple glow while leaving you a natural dewy finish... but behind the scenes gets even cooler. Rose water is responsible for the curing of scarring, strengthening skin cells, regenerating skin tissues, need I say more?  Rose water is fresh, light and affordable. Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, you have finally hit the fresh & flawless jackpot. Go to your nearest food store to pick up a bottle and if you want to get fancy, a glass dropper bottle under 100ml to throw in your carry on. 


The usage of rosewater dates back to early Egypt when Cleopatra used Rose water in her skincare regime. So why shouldn't we? 


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