There are thousands of bloggers claiming they know all of the secrets to a lifetime of steady income and how money is just pouring into their bank accounts. To my surprise, most of these claims are actually legit. The bloggers will provide you a free guide of 10 "strategies" that you may find a bit useless, unless you are a complete newbie to Pinterest. The strategy: Pin more, follow more, Pin quality, and repeat... oh, and buy an e-book. They'll give you a list of obvious reasons to grow your following, build up boards for credibility, and spend hours on Pinterest everyday. You read on and on and it ends up linking you to a website where you have to swipe your credit card upon arrival. 

So is it true that all of this work is actually what it takes to build a following and gain recognition? Well, yes. Is this how bloggers and Pinner's are making their money? A bit hazy. Let me clear it up for you. 

What do the bloggers claim to tell you on these posts but never do? HOW TO MAKE MONEY! The only money making scheme they obsess about is a holy grail E-book linked in their article that changed their life... Sound convincing? Well, not really. 


The money making algorithm lies within their post, without the blogger flat out telling you. They are grabbing your attention to have you click on the "MAGICAL" money making strategy. Did you purchase that E-book or click the link just to find out what it even was? What you may have not known until now is that your click, is their strategy. $$$£££ into their account. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the money making magic trick of 2017... and it's called Affiliate Marketing. 


Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement where an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic, sales, and referrals. Apologies in advance for spilling all of the tea- THIS is everyone's secret. Affiliate Marketing is powerful, lucrative, and simple. There is beauty in it, IF you use it the right way. I am giving you exactly what you have been looking for on hundreds of other accounts. If you really want to start seeing extra cashflow into your account (who doesn't?), affiliate marketing is seriously the way. 


6 Steps To Make Money: 

1. Create a website on wordpress, it's free.

2. Go to Bluehost. You need this type of service to host your blog. What this means is, once you have registered your blog, you need somewhere to host it. This is what makes it live so everyone can see it. Bluehost also has really good customer service in case you ever need it. (Trust me, you'll need it.)   

October 6, 2017

3. Research Affiliate Marketing accounts. I like Clickbank (tried & trusted). clickbank.com

4. Read extensive reviews or try out a product you would like to promote. Choose affiliate products within your niche. (Travel, Health & Fitness, Fashion, etc.) Choose HIGH QUALITY products. You wouldn't try to sell a broken down car to a friend would you? Well, not if you were a good friend! 

5. Create an account on canva.com to market your products aka get fancy titles on your pictures. 

6. Start "Pin Dropping" your affiliate links onto other boards. Example: Weight loss marketing goes into "Health" boards and pins. *Do Not Spam* You cannot link a website URL from an affiliate company to a picture of a pin. Pinterest will recognize this as spam. It must link to your website first.

Example: If someone is searching for weight loss strategies and clicks your "How To Lose 5 lbs In One Week" post and purchases the E-book, strategy, or whatever it is you are marketing...drumroll please...$$$£££ first profit made! If you do this on a daily basis, you are almost guaranteed to start earning money. Although it will take time to get enough income to replace your day job, it can happen if you put in the effort and patience. Just like the wise adage says: 


"It takes 6 months to build a Rolls Royce and 13 hours to build a Toyota."   Anonymous

DISCLAIMER**: I highly recommend reading reviews/trying before selling low end products to your followers because hey, most of us just want the truth.  


Now that you have read the real way to quit your day job & eventually travel the world, get going. You have a new mission my friend.

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