For When You're Feeling Crafty... 


DIY: Change Color of A Leather Bag



So, before you ask "Why would you EVER paint a leather designer handbag?" let me briefly explain... I bought this rug sack in Venice, Italy last year and wore it a lot. It became my preferred choice compared to a purse, because I had room for an Ipad and didn't have to hold it. Over the course of a year, the light grey turned dark grey and it just didn't look good anymore. So, I researched guidelines on how to paint leather, made up my own rules, and got crafty. I suggest only taking on this DIY if you trust yourself with a paintbrush! 

What you'll need:

1. rubbing alcohol

2. acrylic paint

3. hand towels

4. different sized paint brushes   

5. a blowdryer

6. talc powder

STEP 1: Wipe down your bag with rubbing alcohol to make sure you remove any surface finishes or protective coatings the leather might have. Different websites even recommended to sand it down a little but I didn't because the bag was very raw. 

STEP 2: Pick out any colour paint you want, just make sure it's acrylic.

STEP 3: Paint the desired area or design and let dry overnight.

STEP 4: Give it a good blow-dry in the morning, on a cool temperature.

STEP 5: If the colour you chose is on the lighter scale, sprinkle talc powder on a soft hand towel and dust the whole bag. This will allow the paint to absorb the powder & your bag or purse to dry completely. 

DIY: Texturized Blueberry Dip-Dye Business Cards 


How to make sure no one ever forgets your name. "Jessica, right? The girl with the blueberry business cards." - Some random person I met at a networking event. Maybe I would have remembered his name if he had some. ;D 

This DIY project was really fun and didn't require much patience. A cheap & unique alternative to foil business cards. 

What you'll need:

1. a carton of blueberries

2. salt

3. watercolors 

4. watercolor paintbrush            

5. business cards

6. a pot & stove

7. Two glass bowls 

STEP 1: Empty blueberries into a pot on the stove, medium heat, & let sit for 8-10 minutes.

STEP 2: Wipe your paint brush with the desired watercolor paint & dip it into a glass bowl. Repeat until the water becomes the color you want mixed with the blueberries natural pigment. 

STEP 3: After the 10 minutes is up, pour the hot blueberries & sauce into a different glass bowl. 

STEP 4: Take a business card and dip it into the watercolor bowl, then into the blueberry bowl.

STEP 5: Sprinkle salt on the edges of the card that you dip-dyed & let sit overnight.

STEP 6: Dust off salt that didn't stick and you are done! 

(If you want a glossed look rather than matte, you can seal it with nail polish, both look nice)